Treatments including Chemical, Fruit Acid
and Green Peel

Acne scars
Premature ageing
Skin blemishes

Skin care for men
Specialised facial for the demands of men’s skin

Cellulite Treatment – Endermologie

A body treatment that cleanses and tones the skin,
stimulates the metabolism and promotes the breakdown
of fatty tissue. The connective tissue is strengthened,
elasticity and appearance of the skin enhanced, and the
body’s contours improved. All in all a specialised, invigorating, stimulating and regenerating treatment.

Therapeutic Massages

Hot Stone Massage
Relaxation, harmonisation and stabilisation
Chakra Massage
Promotion of health and positive body awareness
Revitalizing and refreshing
Relaxation and regeneration, stimulation of the body’s
own healing powers

*With medical advice