Aesthetic surgery, current medical techniques
and various methods of treatments

Liposuction and Liposculpture
Ankles, calves, knees
Upper thights, saddle bags, hips, buttocks
Stomache and back area
Upper arms
Double chin

Nasal labial line, cheeks
Back of hands, breast area

Cosmetic correction
Eyebrows, eyelids, overhanging eyelids,
bags under eyes
Asian double eye lid
Suspension lifting, double chin
(Therma Cool Therapy/Radiofrequency)

Hyperhidrosis – excessive perspiration
Underarm (removal of sweat glands)
Hands and feet (Botox)

We offer extensive and in-depth consultation on our wide
range of the latest cosmetic treatments; whether it is
plastic surgery, laser therapy or aesthetic medicine.

All surgery is performed by Dr. Zinn in collaboration with
an experienced plastic surgeon.